Without sound research, we wouldn't be able to stand behind the products that we offer.  Research plots allow us to test our varieties in various growing regions under diverse growing conditions.  Collecting data from these plots allows us to better match varieties up to the areas in which they excel.  We've been using research plots since our inception, and these plots have definitely been worth the investment.




TCG-Climax                                        Soybeans
TCG-Spitfire                                       Corn
TCG-Cornerstone                               Silage Corn


Why do I need a different variety for different fields?

Different fields may have different factors that can hinder the growth of your seed.  We have varieties that can handle different combinations of problems such as IDC, White Mold, Phytophthora Root Rot, and Brown Stem Rot.

What is IDC?

Iron Deficiency Chlorosis is the bean's ability to withstand the high pH and high salts native to
many fields in the area.

Is White Mold a problem?

It can be if you plant a variety that has no resistance at all.  In fact, it can dramatically hurt your yield potential.