Our beginnings can be traced back to the 1920's when Donald McIntyre began farming 600 acres near Casselton, North Dakota. As the farm prospered, Donald recognized the need for quality certified seed and built the first of our seed plants in 1966. As our clients and their needs grew--and as the number of seed varieties exploded--a second seed plant was added in 1975. Soon after this Donald, his wife Lily, his children Duane and Marlyce, and their spouses Paula and Harvey formed McIntyre-Pyle Seeds, Inc.. 

In June of 1990, McIntyre-Pyle Seeds gave way to become the Unity Seed Company when our two families formed a marketing company for the seed we grow.

An additional diversification, which complimented our seed business, was the addition of Identity Preserved food-grade soybean processing, both domestic and foreign. This new venture brings an extra marketing opportunity for our seed customers, and we will continue to look for new opportunities as the business of agriculture continues to change.

In 2006 with the retirement of Duane and Paula McIntyre, their nephew's Brad McIntyre and Nick Pyle took over as partners in the family business.  Many changes have occurred over the years, but our mission stays the same.  "To provide customers with the best quality seed available, both domestically and internationally."


Today, Unity Seed utilizes three state-of-the-art facilities in two locations, with each plant having unique and special capabilities. With all the seed varieties and specialty crops available today, having this versatility is crucial.

It doesn't matter if our customer is six miles away in the next county, or in a country six time zones away, we use our plant diversity to customize each order. It's what allows us to offer quality products at competitive prices.

Naturally, our location has played an important role in our success. We're located in the Red River Valley of the North amidst what is some of the most fertile farmland in the world.

We till over 3,500 acres, producing various varieties of

  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Corn